How to Alter the NEXUSe2e URL

Change Application Name

The application name in the URL ("/NEXUSe2e) is determined by the directory name of your NEXUSe2e instance inside your Tomcat's webapp folder.

To change this part of the URL please follow these steps:

  • Stop your NEXUSe2e Service. *
  • Rename your application folder and the war-file accordingly.
  • Start your NEXUSe2e Service. **

* Else Tomcat's autoDeplay feature will delete every folder without a fitting *.war file and will also deploy *.war-files without the corresponding application directory.

** Make sure these match, else this could lead to a configuration loss.

As displayed in the example, your URL would now be something like HTTP:// Remember to share it with your partners, administrators and change it in the monitoring, as well.

When later updating NEXUSe2e, you also have to mind that the new war-file must match the name of the changed file.

Change Service Name

The next option is to change the service name, go to your NEXUSe2e Admin-GUI and switch to:

Server Configuration > Services > HttpReceiverService

Edit the Logical Name to your needs, save and apply the changes.

After the changes are applied, the URL for ebxml20 connections is /NEXUSe2e/handler/<newlogicalname>. This time, the change is stored in the database, and will be consistent for future upgrades.