Integrated Authentication with MSSQL

To make use of the AD account you need to make the following changes:

  • Open your NEXUSe2e file, usually located in the /WEB-INF/config/ folder in your Webapp directory.

# MS SQL with integrated login

  • Alter your database connection configuration to look like this and make sure database.user and database.password are blank but not comment them out.
  • Download the MSSQL JDBC driver package from the corresponding website.
  • If you set up a new NEXUSe2e installation you will need to copy the fitting sqljdbc.jar and the sqljdbc_auth.dll, either from /auth/x64/ or /auth/x86/,
    into your /NEXUSe2e/WEB-INF/lib/ folder.
    In case you switch to integrated Authentication only, copy the sqljdbc_auth.dll file into your lib folder.
  • Next you need to enable your Tomcat to load DLL files. Open your Tomcat service via /YourTomcat/bin/NEXUSe2ew.exe.
  • Switch to Java.
  • Add the following line to the Java Options:


  • Configure the NEXUSe2e Windows Service to be started with the AD account you granted privileges to access your MSSQL database.