External Configuration Folder

As of NEXUSe2e 5.2.0, you can provide an external set of configuration files for your NEXUSe2e instance, allowing you to upgrade or reinstall without having to re-configure everything.

To get started with this, make a copy of the config-folder under <tomcat-location>/webapps/NEXUSe2e/WEB-INF/ . Place this copy somewhere convenient, you can remove all files except database.properties, bean.properties and machine_name.txt from it if you want to (there is also support for the logger-configuration, see below).

If you have just freshly installed NEXUSe2e, you will now want to make your configuration changes, specifically your database configuration in database.properties and editing the name of the instance in machine_name.txt, in this folder.

Then to get NEXUSe2e to use your external configuration, provide a VM option named externalconfig which points to the folder holding your external configuration files.
How you do this varies a bit depending on how you installed your instance:

  • If you have NEXUSe2e installed as a service, you need to go into the configuration program (located under \bin\ in your tomcat-folder, called NEXUSe2ew.exe if you used our installer), navigate to the tab 'Java', and under 'Java Options' add an entry for the parameter.
  • If you start your instance from the command line (or via a script) you need to provide or edit your setenv.bat or setenv.sh file (located under \bin\ in your tomcat-folder). Windows uses the .bat file. Add the parameter here.

(NEXUSe2e was installed using our installer)

  1. Files placed in C:\Example\NEXUSe2e\
  2. Navigate to C:\Program Files\NEXUSe2e\tomcat\bin\, launch NEXUSe2ew.exe .
  3. Add '-Dexternalconfig=C:\\Example\\NEXUSe2e' under Java Options.
  4. Now take your database-driver (if you need a specific one) and put it into the C:\Program Files\NEXUSe2e\tomcat\lib\ folder (the specific path might vary depending on where and how you deployed NEXUSe2e - In general, you need this file to be available on the classpath, usually via the lib-folder of your webserver of choice). This way it is not part of the actual deployed NEXUSe2e, but of the webserver, and hence will not be deleted when you upgrade your NEXUSe2e installation. Specifically for this example, check that it in the tomcat-lib-folder as given above, not in C:\Program Files\NEXUSe2e\tomcat\webapps\NEXUSe2e\WEB-INF\lib\ .

Logging configuration

To externalize the logging configuration (this is handled slightly differently as this is a library we include), you need to make the following changes:

  1. Place a copy of the log4j.properties file from the configuration folder in an external folder (see above, this is done exactly the same as for the other configuration files, and we advice to simply use the same external folder).
  2. Navigate to C:\Program Files\NEXUSe2e\tomcat\bin\, launch NEXUSe2ew.exe .
  3. Add '-Dexternalconfig=file:/C:/Example/NEXUSe2e/log4j.properties' under Java Options.