Retrieve a Certificate Request


  • You didn't save your created certificate request to the database
  • You discarded an older request and created a new one

Locate the Backup Files

NEXUSe2e creates a backup of every certificate request created in the Admin GUI.

Navigate to the following Tomcat subfolder:


You'll find subfolders with the following naming pattern:



The privKey.pem and request.pem are located in this folder, which you can reimport to your NEXUSe2e or handle manually to create a valid certificate.

Import your NEXUSe2e Certificate Request Backup

Create a usable Backup File

To import the automatically created backup files you'll need to switch to the designated backup folder described above. Open those two files with a text editor and copy all content of your privKey.pem. Switch to request.pem and jump behind the last character, press enter and paste the content of your privKey.pem. Save this file via "Save as..." function under a new name - private_data.pem for example.

Make sure you don't add any blanks to the end of any line, else NEXUSe2e will refuse this file.

Your new "private_data.pem" should look like this:

Import a Backup File

Login to your NEXUSe2e ADMIN GUI and switch to:

NEXUSe2e > Server Configuration > Certificates > Certificate Request

Finally follow these steps to import your Certificate Request:

1. Export your current Certificate Request as backup

2. Remove the current Certificate Request

3. Import your created backup file