Upgrade Checklist

Upgrade checklist

This page provides a brief checklist of the NEXUSe2e upgrade process. Please keep in mind that this is not meant to replace a full upgrade guide.


  • Get the .war-file used for the update.
    Depending on your specific case you either want to download the official release from http://nexuse2e.org/NEXUSe2e/Download/WAR-Files.html , you will have a .war-file which the NEXUSe2e support team provided, or your department or team has built a .war-file to use for the update.

  • Get patches.jar if needed (see below).
    Under certain conditions you need to apply some patches to your installation. For this you will need a special .jar-file which can be obtained from the download page.

  • Get a newer version of the database driver used to connect to your database, if required.
    Depending on the database used for your installation, a newer NEXUSe2e version may require a newer version of the database driver. Some (e.g. for MS SQL) aren't bundled with NEXUSe2e for licensing reasons. If you need such a driver, make sure you got the appropriate version at hand to supply it after the upgrade.

  • Backup the database. While an upgrade should not cause any data loss, we advice you to do a full backup of the database before backup.

  • Backup the existing NEXUSe2e. You will need some of the configuration settings later.



  • Shut down the server.
    Usually this is done via the shutdown.sh or shutdown.bat script files. They can be found in the /bin/-Folder of your Tomcat-Installation. However, be advised that this can and will vary depending on your specific installation. For example on Windows, Tomcat might have been set up as a system service, in which case you will need to look for an Apache Tomcat or NEXUSe2e service under Control Panel --> Administrative Tools --> Services, and stop it there.

  • Copy in the .war-file (make sure to rename it as needed)..

  • Install the database connector.

  • Edit the config files, and replace the parts for logging, database and the machine name.

  • Start the server.

  • Go to NEXUSe2e > Tool > Patches, upload the patches.jar, and run the patches concerning database performance (two as the time this document was written).

  • Shut down the server again

  • Remove the .war-file, keep it in case it's needed later.

  • Start up the server again.


Foreign key constraints failing when using an Oracle database

If you see foreign key issues in the log during startup, shut down the server, delete all foreign key constraints, and boot the server again.
NEXUSe2e will recreate any fk-constraints it needs.

Pipelets not sending messages

This can be related to a change in the database scheme.
Go to NEXUSe2e > Tool > Patches, upload the patches.jar, and run the Patch for forward pipelets.