NEXUSe2e 4.5 Changelog

4.5.6 Fixed an issue where NEXUSe2e 4.5 versions would refuse to run with Java version 1.5.

4.5.5 Fixed bug in engine monitor.

4.5.4 This release allows to fix connectivity issues that may occur with older SSL hosts in connection with Java 7.

4.5.3 This release fixes one major and multiple minor issues:

    Fixed a potential communication problem with partners that do not use NEXUSe2e
    IE 10 compatibility fix
    Fixed bug in CA certificate upload on Tomcat 7

4.5.2 This release fixes a critical issue that could cause messages to get stuck in QUEUED state in certain environments if the acknowledgement is received before the outbound processing has been finished.

Customers seeing a lot of QUEUED messages should upgrade to this version.

4.5.1 This bugfix release resolves one major and some minor issues

    Fixed missing partner/certificate association problem when the configuration was exported to XML and then re-imported
    Improved error handling on FTP sender service
    Fixed potential error in "Database Purge" function
    Fixed problem with case sensitive content-types
    Fixed bug that occurred when trying to delete a partner with a non-empty list of connections
    Added conversation ID to message reporting view