NEXUSe2e 5.x Changelog


  • Added functionality to send messages to JUBES for transferring data to CIOT (Dutch Ministry of Justice), which includes:
    •  header manipulation: 
      • service 
      • service type 
      • role 
    • Paramter to add content disposition 
    • Parameter to change change content-id for compability reasons
  • Increased choreography-id and description field length to 255 characters


  • We fixed a criticial bug in the 5.6.1 release which under certain conditions would cause received messages to have the closing MIME boundary string appended to them.


  • Fixed problem with the email logger initialisation.
  • Added binary functionality to the HttpMessagePacker Pipelet. You can now chose between base64 and binary, base64 still used as default.


  • Configurable connection modes (Passive/Active) for sending FTP pipelets.
  • Changed logging from one log file per restart to a daily rolling file - called nexuse2e.log.
  • Greatly optimized the reporting screen performance for databases with a high amout of data.


Fixed a missing parameter in beans.xml.


We added a new password functionality, you can now set a password security guideline in the config\ The validation string must be a valid regex expression, at default it will accept every password with no restrictions.


We've fixed two small bugs with this release:

  • Version information in the header is once again displayed correctly.
  • Cluster log messages will output correctly.


NEXUSe2e now provides additional JVM information on the homescreen - used parameter, memory limit and loaded JAR-files. Other changes:

  • Fixed position of a misplaced column title in the transaction screen.
  • Corrected some indexes length to fit Oracles maximun index size.
  • Splitted some SQL statements to improve query speed and avoid a situation in which the database's query processor could time out.



Added additional handling for mime-type handling in mime multiparts because of interop issues.


We've increase the MIME type database field to 128 characters maximum length and fixed a security vulnerability with the Ajax handler responsible for populating the navigation tree.
Important: The MIME type change will only affect new databases! For your existent database, in addition to upgrading NEXUSe2e to 5.4.0 or later, please change the mime_type-column to length 128.



NEXUSe2e now provides a WS-security enabled webservice endpoint for backend integration via an easily configured service in your server. Please see the documentation about enabling and configuring the endpoint, at Configure a secure web service endpoint.

We've also fixed some minor display issues with the admin UI.



  • UI Fix for transaction reporting screen.



We've added a piece of information to the starting page of the web UI telling you where the configuration is obtained from (it will read "internal" if you're not using the external configuration feature released in version 5.2.0).



In this version, we added a feature where you can keep some configuration for NEXUSe2e outside of your installation folder, so that it won't be overwritten by updates or reinstallations.

Please see the documentation for details on how to configure this feature.

Other changes:

  • Fixed a bug on the transaction reporting screen when only one element was being shown and the checkboxes were enabled in the settings.
  • Upgraded PostgreSQL-jdbc-driver to 9.3-1102



  • We made some changes to the new Database Purge screen in response to user feedback.
  • Added a separate screen for purging the Engine Log.



  • This release changes the Purge screen to look more like the Transaction Reporting screen.
  • Various bugs have been fixed and multiple stability improvements have been made.


  • Fixed bug that made using primary key concept in backend web service impossible.
  • Enhanced command-line backend service client to support primary keys.



  • Updates Admin UI to match new NEXUSe2e website design.
  • Fixes Admin UI issues with IE 10 and 11.



  • Performance and memory fixes.

Upgrade to this version is strongly recommended for production systems.



  • Improves the message handling for non-reliable messages.
  • Non-reliable messages are now optionally requeued as configured in the connection settings. In occurrence of exceptions in frontend processing, an outgoing message is required based on the configured schedule.


  • This release fixes some database compatibility issues.
  • Changed some column names to match 4.x versions


This release fixes some critical issues

  • Updated third party library Hibernate.
  • Fixed a bug that can prevent configuration with empty certificate data from beeing imported.
  • Improved html for engine log and conversation error messages.


This release fixes some critical issues in the data model.

  • Fixes a bug in the data model that leads to trouble updating from an existing database schema.
  • Fixes a bug that can prevent the configuration from being applied properly.
  • Fixes an error sporadically appearing on the home screen.


This release updates depencies, libraries and internal drivers.

Important: This release adds a new backend status to messages. On a technical level, this means that a column called 'backend_status' will be added to your nx_message table. If you have made any manual changes to the database, please be aware that this addition might fail, in which case you need to manually add a column by the name 'backend_status' (type integer, not-null) to your 'nx_message' table.

Important: As of this release, the length of the parameter value for pipelet parameters has changed, and will now hold more data (if it was manually configured to be larger, it might hold less data now). On a technical level, the column 'param_value' in 'nx_pipelet_param' is now length 4000. This will not be changed automatically by NEXUSe2e (as it could remove existent data), you need to edit your database manually if it was created by an older NEXUSe2e-versions.

Important: As of this release, the length of the log description for log entries has changed, and will now hold more data and not truncate log messages when avoidable. On a technical level, the column 'description' in 'nx_log' is now length 4000. This will not be changed automatically by NEXUSe2e (as it could remove existent data), you need to edit your database manually if it was created by an older NEXUSe2e-versions.

Important: If you are using ORACLE as database you have to edit the column 'filter' in 'nx_logger' to VARCHAR2(4000). The previous used datatype LONG is no longer supported by the ojdbc6 driver class.

Important: As of this release, JRE 7 is required for NEXUSe2e.

  • If you are running NEXUSe2e with the solutions direkt AG clustering extension, the GUI for cluster status and cluster administration is now integrated into the main NEXUSe2e interface. You can see the cluster status from the main page, and can start, stop or restart nodes from there, too.
  • Microsoft SQL 2012 is now supported. You will need to download the database driver separately as it cannot be bundled with NEXUSe2e due to license restrictions.
  • The main page after logging in to NEXUSe2e will now show the status of the Java Cryptographic Extensions. NEXUSe2e requires them to be installed to work correctly.