NEXUSe2e comet-1.x Changelog


  •     Corrected log4j configuration.
  •     Fixed URL check.
  •     Added new feature to display the certificate chain of the partner server.


  •     Several Fixes
  •     Added standard payload for httpplain messaging.
  •     Fixed an error in the log4j configuration, debug messages are now shown correctly
  •     Added new parameter for receiver "-r", check the documentation for more information.
  •     comet will now check if a slash "/" is at the end of the URL string for parameter "-u".

1.0 Initial Release


  •     Sending messages to NEXUSe2e instances.
  •     SSL functionality with integrated self signed certificates/keystores or external certificates/keystores.
  •     Supports httpplain and ebxml20 handler.
  •     Supports external payload.