Reliable Messaging

  • Receipt of messages is confirmed through additional technical acknowledgement messages
  • Mechanism independent of communication protocol
  • Settings for maximum number of retries and interval between resends
  • Transaction logs reflect message confirmation status


  • Message exchange follows defined message sequence (so called choreographies i.e., business process)
  • State machine enforces message sequence/business transaction flow
  • System maintains a partner and process directory and validates messages accordingly
  • Communication with partners can follow different standards (transport, identifiers, security settings)


  • Data encryption on the transport level (e.g. SSL, S/MIME)
  • Validation of partner/client certificates
  • Built-in certificate and key management


  • Standard reports for message volume
  • Reports for identifying failed transmissions
  • Transaction and application log with flexible filtering
  • Customizable report look and feel

User Interface

  • Web interface compatible with standard web browsers (IE, Firefox, Safari, Opera)
  • fine grained role model and user authentication


  • Transaction oriented change management: multiple changes can be entered sequentially and commited at once or discarded
  • Export/import of system configuration in XML format for backup and replication

Deployment and Operation

  • JEE web application (distributed as a WAR file)
  • Bundled in-process database for testing
  • Compatible with most SQL compliant database systems (MS SQL Server, Oracle, DB2, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Derby etc.)


  • Easy extensibility through component oriented design
  • Online update mechanism (desktop version)


  • System availability check through HTTP and Web service interfaces (e.g. for load balancer integration)
  • Automatic system shut-down on database unavailability and restart on database recovery
  • Customizable error notification mechanism through email
  • Extensible error notification sub system for adding additional protocols (e.g. SMS)

Available Communication/Messaging Protocols

  • ebXML 1.0
  • ebXML 2.0
  • agGateway Web services
  • Email (SMTP, POP3, IMAP)
  • SFTP
  • Web services

Back-End/Lagacy Systems Integration

  • HTTP connector
  • Web services connector
  • JDBC connector
  • File system connector

Out-of-the-box Data Validation and Conversion

  • CSV
  • Plain Text
  • Compression/decompression (ZIP)