Professional Services provided by direkt gruppe


The developers of NEXUSe2e, solutions direkt AG, provide professional services. solutions direkt AG is part of the direkt gruppe, a German IT and business consultancy, which specializes in:

  • IT strategy consulting and organizational consulting
  • IT architecture and projects
  • Collaboration, eBusiness and process integration
  • Marketing and online solutions.

We are all ears for your requirements. Please contact us with your individual request.

Installation & Update

  • We install NEXUSe2e on your machines.
  • We install software updates for you, and upgrade your machines to the latest version of NEXUSe2e.
  • We offer remote or on site service.

Integration & Consulting

  • We design an realize integration with your business partners based on your individual requirements.
  • We develop the connection to the interfaces of your backend systems, whether those are standardized or proprietary.
  • We realize the connection to your business partners, whether they make use of standardized or proprietary frontend protocols.

Custom Development

  • Do you need a special functionality that NEXUSe2e does not provide, yet? We offer to develop individual features for you, that meet either open source or closed source criteria.



  • We monitor the operation of your NEXUSe2e instances remotely.
  • We answer your questions and give you a hand on operational problems.
  • We assist you in using and configuring NEXUSe2e.
  • We help you to develop your own NEXUSe2e components.


  • In addition to the standard support service you gain access to the clustering code of NEXUSe2e, which enables you to set up a scalable network of NEXUSe2e nodes.
  • With the clustering code you    
    • distribute the load of your transactions to several machines, and in addition to that
    • ensure availability in case of failure